Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Scrap Busting

Ever since I joined Crazy mom quilts sew along i have become obsessed with scrap projects. i am on week seven now. I think that puts me at about 52 blocks total.. I guess I need to get busy!

this is weeks 6 and 7

I also start making a string quilt,

1 block down, alot more to go. And because 2 Quilting projects and a lot of other smaller projects are not enough, I am also making a picnic quilt/blanket using the whirlygiggle tutorial on greeting arts. I feels so good to use what I already have. I'm sure there will be alot more scrap projects, but I think (and my husband will agree) that I need to finish the ones that I have already started.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

A really long post

I took along break from posting. I'm not really sure why. I not really sure if I'm that interesting. I love reading every ones blogs and getting a lot of inspiration for everyone. I think I'm going to continue with it and maybe the more post I make the better at writing I will get.

I have done quite a few projects since my last post. I made my Grandmother a hand print quilt for Christmas
It has her hand print in the middle and and then on either side of her is her daughter( my Aunt) and her son(my dad) The rest are her Grandchildren and her Great Grandchildren.

I also made a quilt for a special friend of my other grandmother who loves in Columbia. Her daughter and grandchildren live here in the US so she does not to get to see them often. I had the boys and their mother trace their hand prints and write what they wanted to and used photo transfer paper to transfer them to the quilt. My Grandmother asked me to include a picture of Jesus somewhere on the quilt because she is very religious. This is what I came up...
That is my Grandmother in the picture and of course me. We took this picture when I gave it to her. She took it from there and delivered it to her friend who was in the States visiting.

At the same time i was working on the quilt above i was working on a I Spy Quilt for my 5 year old son. I saw it in a magazine and had to do it. it was my first time working from instructions. All my other quilts were just put together as i went. i would say this was really time consuming. I still need to make one for my daughter. This I spy quilt required a lot of cutting
but the finished product was so worth it.

This is my son, he had been waiting a long time for this quilt. Everyday he would ask me if i was going to work on it. He took it from my hands about 2 seconds after I made the last stitch on the binding. I makes me so happy when they love the thing i make for them.

Now, On the present. I joined my first Quilt-a-long over at crazy mom quilts. I'm really excited about it. I really need a big project like this to use up my scraps. Here are my first week of 9 patches

I can't wait to see how this quilt turns out.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Where have I been

I have been here, busy getting ready for Christmas. I finished the cross quilt for my Aunt and already gave it to here

This is it before i put the binding on. I put a red binding around it and even made my own label.

It was just too perfect for her.

I have also been working on some other things for some people. I made this cute Lips bag for a friend of my Aunt who works in the Rodeo. She is in a Group Called the red lips, or something like that.

Red Lips fabric is almost impossible to find. This is actually a bandanna that I found at Joanns. I have to make 5 more of these for the rest of the ladies in the group.

Here is a sneek peek at what I'm working on now.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Merry Gift Making

I have already started making Christmas presents. Too Early? I usually end up waiting until the last minute (I work really well under pressure) to start a gift and them I'm stressed and worn out by the time I'm finished. Since I have recently started to venture into the world of Quilting, I thought I would make a few quilts this year. I get alot of my inspiration from everyone's blogs and seeing their work. I saw this Quilt on Crazy mom Quilts and just new that it was going to be perfect for my Aunt. this is what I have done so far.

It is very different from the one on Crazy mom quilts but I hope the overall effect is going to be the same. I love it already.

Scrappy Quilt

I just started quilting and have already fallen inlove with it. This quilt is made of all my scraps. I just love it. It was my first attempt at free motion quilting and I would have to say I'm pretty surprised with how it turned out. I had alot of tension problems that I did not discover until I had already quilted a good portion and I was not about to go rip it out. I just kept telling myself that this is the first one, It is not going to be perfect.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pattern sale and a cute Jacket

Last week Hobby Lobby had all their McCalls patterns on sale for $.99. I did not really need any but when they are cheap, why not. these are the ones I bought.

Emily made out the best with a pattern for some new shirts and jackets. I've been wanting the vintage apron pattern for a while now and just could not bring myself to pay $15.00 for it.
I really liked the little jacket, so I made one for Emily the other night. Isn't she the cutest ever.

I'm not sure what happened with the placement of the button holes. I did not notice them until it was too late and they were already cut. Oh well, I am going to make her the long sleeved one next in red and maybe put in a satin lining. I know she will like that.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Joe's friend's wife is having a baby so I wanted to make something for her rather than just go buy something. I found this tutorial for a really cute baby quilt at She gives very clear and easy to follow instructions which made it very simple to make. I left out the giraffe on the front because I did not have anything in my fabric stash to make it out of. Im very pleased with how it turned out and can not wait to give it to them.